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Prepared with love, keeping up with the heritage

My Sister's Kitchen was started with the aim of giving you a taste of a special home cooked meal that is healthy, hygienic, and will amaze your taste buds. Specializing in authentic Jaffna style dishes and all things Sri Lankan, My Sister's Kitchen Caters on demand to both individual orders and large groups alike.

Keeping with the theme of a home cooked meal that is to the highest standards and prepared with love and the tradition of delivering an authentic Jaffna dish, MSK aims at changing the dining paradigm in Colombo by giving people what they desire in a convenient package that can be ordered and customized to your heart's content.

Our food is cooked at the house of our star chef and as such, she prepares all her dishes to the highest standards and gives out nothing but the best

Our specialty dishes are prepared in the genuine Jaffna style by our chef, who indeed hails from there and refuses to give you nothing but the most authentic and mouthwatering dishes prepared from her own hands

Go through our delicious and diverse menu and place your order in advance so that you get your piping hot food just when you want it

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    I was looking all over Colombo for a place that prepares authentic Jaffna style food, and with MSK I found that and more. The food is delicious and made to the letter and it took me home in my mind

    Varshan Rathnanadan

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    When I placed the order, I just wanted to see how the food was and I was amazed at the quality and the taste of food. An authentic home cooked meal that is simply delicious and convenient as well. MSK is my go to place for a treat now

    Ranjit Fernando

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    There is no other place that caters to a large crowd like MSK and is still keep to what they believe in a taste that just can't be beaten. 5/5.

    Shehani Daniels